3 pages. as freshman international student writing

The main rhetorical mode for Essay 2 is Exemplification/Illustration.  We discussed causes and effects of cheating because we do not have time to write essays for all the modes, but we do need to recognize them and know how to apply them all.

The topic for essay 2 is derived from Jolie’s comment, “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.” It’s actually a distortion of a quote from Vince Lombardi: Winning isn’t everythingbut the will to win is everything.”  (His is more accurate.)

For essay 2, consider the following questions and formulate a thesis (your main point) either affirming or negating the question:

1.      Has cheating become “the norm” for achieving success? Use examples to support and prove your thesis.


2.     Is the “win at all cost” attitude prevalent in today’s society? (Interpret society to be regional, nationwide, or global.) Convince readers of your position using examples.

If you have a thesis similar to these questions, go ahead and use it — as long as the main form of development in the body of the essay is the use of examples.  “How many examples?”  I thought you’d never ask.  However many needed to reach the 3-page mark. If your examples are longer, you will need fewer of them. If they are brief, include more of them.

Reminder:  Keep track of the sources where you get your information. You’ll need citations if your examples aren’t “common knowledge.”