can you give feedback to my peers/classmate (follow the red guide please)

Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your peers. In responses, ask questions of peers to promote further conversation and target specific comments from their posts to demonstrate you have read and considered the content of their post. Additionally, be sure to provide feedback on your peer’s career plan and make at least one suggestion to further assist your colleague in tackling his or her career plan.

My goal is one I have had for many, many years.  I want to become a certified teacher, specializing in special education classes.  These classes have a place in my heart, and I feel with my patience, and my heart, which desires to make a difference in these kids, this is a career fit for me.

  Working as a Teacher Assistant with Special Ed students for the last 10 years, I fill I already have some of the qualifications needed for this career.  I know I have to have lots of patience, have the mind set to expect something different on a daily basis, and have the love which I do in my heart to give these kids an education that they desire.  Working with special ed kids, you need to have  knowledge of certain conditions that these kids may have, and they change and grow from  year to year.  You have to get certified every so often on different aspects which relate to each kid.  These are just a couple of skills that I will need to continue my career in education.  I know I have to continue my education, and earn my degree so I can be the teacher I desire to be.  I’ve already started my steps in achieving this goal, and expect to have my goal accomplished within 3 years. 

  We all have barriers to overcome to become successful.  I need to believe in myself more, not doubt the things I do, and second guess everything.  I have to overcome my feeling of being selfish, and stop feeling like I’m not giving my family enough of my time, and these are just a few barriers I need to overcome.  Working in the school system, I have several certified teachers who are there at any time to help me through this stage of my life, and for that I am thankful.  As the chapter stated, I’m ready to begin my lifetime journey, not just reach my destination.