Hill, C., Jones, G., & Schilling, M. (2015). Strategic Management Theory: An Integrated Approach. Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning. 

The importance of defining a company’s business accurately and thoroughly is presented as a critical component of developing strategy. They also identify steps that can be taken at the functional level to improve a company’s efficiency, product quality, ability to innovate, and responsiveness to customers; in short, it’s about how to build competitive advantage.

  • Chapter 4: Building Competitive Advantage Through Functional-Level Strategy.

Application of the Baldrige Core Values is an important feature of this course and the process of strategy development and implementation.

In a brief (approximately one page) APA formatted essay, you will discuss the following:

  1. Which Baldrige Core values did you observe being presented in the readings and resources for the Unit?
  2. Which Baldrige Core values have you observed in action in your group work this week?


Cite specific examples where necessary.