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The focus of this assignment should be DR / BCP technology solutions for response and recovery after a cyber security incident of sufficient duration and impact to require activation of the organization’s Disaster Recovery and/or Business Continuity Plan.


You may focus upon the incident reported upon in your cybersecurity research paper OR you may take a more general approach.


Suggested technology solutions include:

·         General DR/BCP Services

o   Palindrome

·         Data Backup Solutions

o   Acronis

·         Cloud Computing (Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service, Platform as a Service)

o   VMWare

o   NetApp

·         Mobile Data Centers / Mobile Workspace Solutions

o (Sunguard)

o (US Corps of Engineers)

·         Emergency Communications Centers / Crisis Management Command Centers

·         Cyber forensics and incident response services




·         Cyber incident analytics services




Allocation of points is:

·         Presentation 7 points

·         Briefing Memorandum 8 points


Content Requirements (80%):

1.      Discuss the importance of disaster recovery and/or business continuity planning with respect to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and information systems.

2.      Identify three commercially available technology solutions (products or services) which could be used to address cybersecurity problems specific to DR / BCP.

3.      Research and report upon each of the three technology solutions. For each solution include:

a.       Vendor (name and Web site)

b.      Product Name and Capabilities

c.       How this product or service can be used to support DR / BCP including protecting / restoring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and information systems.

4.      Provide a summary in which you discuss the benefits of incorporating technology-based solutions when planning for recovery and restoral of IT operations.


Format Requirements (20%):

1.      Grammar / Mechanics / Writing Style (10% of the total points)

a.       Professional appearance

b.      Proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.

c.       Presentation Format (10 – 20 slides)

                                                              i.      Title Slide

                                                            ii.      Importance of DR / BCP to cybersecurity

                                                          iii.      Technology Solutions Overview

                                                          iv.      3 to 5 Slides per Product or Service

                                                            v.      Summary

                                                          vi.      Sources Attribution / References slide per instructor’s guidance

d.      Briefing Memorandum Format

                                                              i.      To / From / Subject / Date Format

                                                            ii.      Numbered Paragraphs

                                                          iii.      Single spaced within paragraphs

                                                          iv.      Provides summary to support presentation slides

                                                            v.      No more than 3 pages (one page summary preferred)

                                                          vi.      Sources Attribution / References in memorandum per instructor’s guidance

2.      Source Attribution / References (10% of the total points)

a.       You must provide appropriate attribution / credit to sources for information used in the presentation and memorandum.

b.      APA style guidance does not specifically address presentations and memoranda

c.       Your instructor will provide examples of appropriate citation styles for use in business communications, e.g. presentation slides and memoranda.