Grammar Evaluation




Directions : repair grammar and punctuation errors in the sentences below or leave them if there are no errors.




I asked the doctor if my mother’s test results were back from the laboratory


The safety of the children concerns their high school teachers.


Harold Chester who first started playing the guitar at age seven is considered to be an excellent performer by music critics.


I’ll admit that I should have asked you; however, you never returned my calls.


Arriving late for the meeting, the president glared at me.


Having become distrustful of her late night outings; Angela’s husband hired a private detective.


Everyone has their own opinion about the true meaning of Christmas.


The young dog licked its wounded paw.


The salesman wanted to sell us a new sofa.


Marie is a responsible person who follows her heart, and with great enthusiasm.


I am hoarse from trying to talk as loud as her.


I cannot tell you how the movie ended; I fell asleep after the first hour.


I noticed the beautiful colors of the autumn leaves walking down the street.


Our chores are to take out the trash, to dust the furniture, and vacuuming the carpet.


It is finally over between Mark and I.


Having failed her history exam, the teacher suggested she get a tutor.


One of the history students know the correct answer.


After Harold signed the contract his boss took the staff out for lunch.


Each person who wants to go to the play should buy their ticket now.


I put the birthday present in the car with the yellow ribbon.