Information systems homework

Assignment 2

Please read the article found at the link above.


Provide your analysis for the article.  In addition, please address the following:

1. What challenges does Apple face in securing device components?

2. Is Samsung in a position to dominate the market?  Why or why not?

3. Is Apple still innovating?  What do you think of smart watches?  Who is poised to dominate now that Microsoft is in the fray?

4. What does this mean for Android, iOS and Microsoft?  Which do you use, and why? Be specific.


Assignment 3

Here’s how I want to wrap it all up.  For this Forum you will suggest and describe an information system for a business of your choice.  Maybe you want to run a small diner, or perhaps you’d prefer to be the owner of the Reds.  Your choice.  What must that system accomplish for you?  What information will you need to do your job? What business processes/functions will the system handle (sales? marketing? Payroll? HR? Production? etc.) What will you outsource?  IT? Payroll? Give it some thought…Be specific, I’m looking for details now as you bring the whole class together.


I’m really interested in your ideas of the perfect business for you and how you’d design an information system to help you make it successful.