Marketing Assignment

Imagine that you are a business consultant. Choose a marketing topic. Create a PowerPoint presentation for a group of business people who want to know more about your topic. Provide a background, the implications to a business, the current and future trends, and recommendations for next steps as they relate to your topic.
Incorporate appropriate animations, transitions, and graphics as well as “speaker notes” for each slide. The speaker notes may be comprised of brief paragraphs or bulleted lists. 

Support your paper with at least three (3) scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

Length: 10-15 slides (with a separate reference slide) 
Notes Length:100-150 words for each slide 

Be sure to include citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA format and style where appropriate. Save the file as PPT with the correct course code information. Upload your assignment using the Upload Assignment button below.