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Resiliency and Children’s Well-Being


“The study of resilience offers both hope and guidance to those who seek to improve the odds of favorable child development. At the same time, there is growing respect for the complexity of the process that influence the course of human development and the difficulty of implementing change in dynamic systems in which children develop. The challenge faced by the next generation of researchers is to successfully apply the lessons learned from naturally occurring resilience to change the course of development among children who have little chance for resilience without intervention” (Masten, 2006).


As you consider what you have been learning about children’s well-being and resiliency, reflect on the following questions:


  • What is resiliency?
  • What factors contribute to or impede resiliency?
  • How can information about resiliency be utilized to support children and families in crisis?
  • How can information about resiliency be used to promote healthy development and well-being?
  • How has your definition of children’s well-being continued to expand and deepen?