my homework

One Review
 of two pages is due the tenth week of class. It must be a minimum of two typed pages, double spaced. Your grade will drop significantly if it is less than two pages. Scan any program, flyer, or ticket stub from the concert. Your grade will be lowered without this proof of attendance. You must go to the concert during this quarter! Concerts attended during any other time frame are unacceptable and will receive an F.
the concert name is under the influence of music.
the singer name is sage the gemini. and the three songs are red nose, gas pedal and college drop. 


Reviews should include the following:

1.            Name of the artist or group. Describe the musician(s) and instruments played. Briefly describe the audience and setting. How did the surroundings affect your experience?


2.            What were your expectations before attending the performance? Were those expectations met?




3. Describe two or three of the songs. Discuss any musical elements which stood out. For example:

Mood- what was the mood of the music? Exciting, sad, romantic?

Style- Rock and Roll, R and B, Hip Hop, Grunge, etc.


4.            Which was your favorite song and why? Which was your least favorite and why?


 5. What did you like or dislike about the musicians playing and why?


6. Did you enjoy the performance on the whole? Why or why not?