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Write a 2—5 page paper following MLA guidelines. In the first part of the paper you must briefly review and explain, in your own words, the views of justice of John Rawls and Robert Nozick. In the second part of the paper use Thomas Aquinas’s requirements for a just war (pages 428 – 430 in your book) to either review the movie “The Fog of War” or review the TED talk by P.W. Singer. Provide a critique of the movie or TED talk (depending upon which option you picked) in light of the book’s discussion of just war theory. pay very close attention to what he says about justice in relation to war in order to successfully complete your paper assignment. The Fog of War (Time: 1:47:03; Transcript) is a first person account of Robert McNamara. McNamara was Secretary of Defense for Kennedy and, for a while, Lyndon Johnson.