Week 6 Reflection Paper


Throughout this course, you have studied the various and diverse groups that comprise the population of the United States. You have learned about what has contributed to the oppression of many of these groups as well as the consequences of that oppression. Consider the benefits of knowing about and considering the multicultural dimensions of society and the specifics of the people who constitute this society as you complete the following Reflection Assignment. Write 1- to 2-pages addressing the following:

  • Identify three or more insights you have gained about the oppression of minority groups from your study of the multicultural dimensions of society.
  • Describe two or more of your opinions or ideas that were either supported or challenged by what you learned in this course.
  • Summarize your current knowledge of the multicultural dimensions of society, including two or more areas in which your knowledge base has grown and two or more areas about which you would like to learn more.